January 17, 2011

Bachelor 2011: Emily Maynard & Ricky Hendrick (Photos and Slideshow)!

Bachelor Brad Womack has a lot of wonderful women to choose from this season, each with their own story and background. One story in particular that hit the girls in the house hard during tonight’s episode was Emily Maynard’s tragic love story with her former fiancé Ricky Hendrick.

I wrote about this when Season 15 of The Bachelor first started but I know there will be a renewed interest in their love story after tonight’s episode. So here’s the story of Emily Maynard and Ricky Hendrick (the slideshow of photos at the bottom of this post proves that what these two had was a once in a lifetime kind of love):

Emily and Ricky had been dating for about 4 years when he died in a plane crash in 2004. Ricky was traveling to a race and Emily was set to accompany him on the plane but wasn’t feeling well that morning so she stayed home. The plane crashed into a mountain and all 10 passengers were killed.

4 days later, Emily learned that she was pregnant with Ricky’s baby. She told Ricky’s parents (and the grandparents of their baby) that she was pregnant during Ricky’s memorial service.

Emily and Ricky started dating when she was 15 years old and were engaged for six months at the time of his death.

Her heartbreaking story really put things in perspective for the girls in the house during tonight’s episode.

Emily may be on the show but the question is whether or not she has fully grieved the loss of Ricky (or if she ever will) which may end up being a hard obstacle for Brad to overcome as the season progresses.

Here is a photo slideshow of Emily and Ricky. From what I see in the photos, Emily and Ricky had that type of love that most people search their whole lives for. So tragic.